Corporate consulting

Successful implementation of economic activity is the result of actions of a specialist in the field of corporate law, who supports complex of activities in the process of creation and conduct of business.

Corporate lawyers will help to determine the strategy for profit-making, choose a system of taxation and minimize negative risks in the implementation of economic activities.

In area of corporate law LAWYER ASSOCIATION “LAW FIRM “APRIORI” and “Ligel Group” offer:

  • consulting on choosing form of legal entity’s incorporation;
  • drafting incorporation and corporate governance documents;
  • introduction of amendments to incorporation and corporate governance documents;
  • consulting on researching in-house regulations of legal entities;
  • legal support in incorporation and reincorporation;
  • liquidation of enterprises, institutions, organizations in the order of the liquidation procedure, as well as in accordance with the procedure of bankruptcy, consulting and maintenance of transactions of sale and purchase of corporate rights;
  • legal support of permit procedure necessary for the conduct of economic activity;
  • capabilities and competitor analysis;
  • legal support of selling/buying of business;
  • Legal support of business conflicts.
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