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The Bar of Ukraine is a special legal institution of the state, which ensures the protection, representation and other types of legal assistance to individuals and artificial bodies.

LAWYER ASSOCIATION “LAW FIRM “APRIORI”  and “Ligel Group” provides all types of legal services both to individuals and artificial bodies, specifically:

  • consulting on legal concerns;
  • drafting claims, complaints and other legal paperwork;
  • interest intermediation of individuals and artificial bodies in courts and all types of government agencies on criminal, civil, commercial and administrative cases.

Attorneys of LAWYER ASSOCIATION “LAW FIRM “APRIORI” and “Ligel Group” are ready to provide their clients with all types of legal services in conditions of confidentiality and priority of their interests in solving any legal issues.

Assist with prescribed E - declarations

Misunderstanding of persons authorized to act on behalf of the state or local government of anti-corruption legislation by declaring their incomes and expenses leads to negative consequences for such persons.

Admitting even a slight mistake in completing an e-declaration (that is interpreted in accordance with the rules of the law, as the introduction of false information to the electronic declaration) is the reason for prosecution.

For declaring incorrect information to the e-declaration, punishment is provided in such forms:
in the case of bringing a person to administrative liability
punishment by warning or fine – a fine from 17 000 to 34 000 UAH
Come into legal force judgment that has been subjected a civil servant to administrative liability for corruption or corruption-related offense is a cause for separation from civil service in connection with the loss of the right to a civil service or its restrictions.
In case of criminal prosecution
A fine from 42 500 to 51 000 UAH or public works from 150 to 240 hours or imprisonment for a period up to 2 years with restriction of holding a certain ranks for a period up to 3 years.
Come into legal force sentence that has been subjected a civil servant to criminal sanction for committing a premeditated crime and / or interdiction of engaging in activities related to the state functions is a cause for separation from civil service in connection with the loss of the right to a civil service or its restrictions.
Information about bringing a person to responsibility for violation of anticorruption legislation is added to the Unified State Register of persons who committed corruption offenses.

Since implementation in 2016 of the obligation to submit electronic declarations about their property status, attorneys of Lawyer Association “Law Company “Apriori” Ligel Group and APRIORI, regarding own experience and legal precedents in cases of bringing civil servants to liability for completing an e-declaration even with slight mistake, wish to draw Your attention to the need for a cautious attitude to declaring income and expenses.

Legal support of Lawyer Association “Law Company “Apriori” and “Ligel Group” attorneys – specialists in labor, financial, bank, inheritance, corporate law will help you to avoid mistakes and violations in completing an e-declaration, which inevitably would save your money, time, peace and business reputation.

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