Legal outsourcing or legal business support

Legal outsourcing or legal business support – comprehensive support of business, which consists in the coordination of the list of legal services with the LAWYER ASSOCIATION “LAW FIRM “APRIORI” or Ligel Group and a guarantee of obtaining a qualitative, timely legal assistance of our attorneys at any time with any question.

Our goal is to prevent violation of property or non-property right of our clients from unlawful actions / inactivity of state authorities and local government, unconscientious partners or provide legal protection in case of violation.

Legal outsourcing or legal business support includes:

  • legal consulting on the organization of business;
  • due diligence;
  • debt enforcement activities;
  • protection and representation of the business entity in litigations in courts of all instances ;
  • interest intermediation in enforcement proceeding;
  • interest intermediation in legal relations with state bodies of executive and judicial power, with individuals and legal entities;
  • drafting claims, complaints and other legal paperwork;
  • drafting agreements, additions or amendments to existing contracts;
  • ensuring the implementation of measures to eliminate violations of property rights in the possession, use and disposal of property;
  • drafting incorporation and corporate governance documents;
  • tax audit, tax risk aversion;
  • ensuring the use of benefits and other financial guarantees provided by the rules of the current legislation;
  • legal support in conducting tax inspections;
  • legal support in VAT charge;
  • appeal of decisions of the tax authorities in courts of all instances.
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